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  Tonight I saw the mirage again, this time closer to Tiverton, but the entire horizon was filled with wonder. Just blinking lights and a glow this time, but many, many of them. There should not be anything visible out there in the dark in the vast and wide lake, and it would have to be hundreds and hundreds of boats, which of course does not make sense. Rather it is the lights of distant US cities, visible because of the mirage. Mirages happen when the lake is warm and the air cool, and it was foggy tonight. The light from the distance is refracted and bent within the temperature changes, and projected great distances. We are seeing our neighbours far away! 
  Of course, I took some photos. Although the mirage was not as vibrant this time around, I am a bit better photographer. (These are edited only for clarity, no lights have been added.)
  In the distance on the left hand side are the actually-there lights of Kincardine. Then out over the dark lake you can see the mostly red lights, which were blinking and wavering, and some travelling in one direction across the way. I suspect it is cars passing, towers, windmill lights, and the like. 
Mirage & The Lights of KincardineMirage & The Lights of Kincardine
  Here's a closer look; note the double horizon. Here's a little secret: I have often gone down to the beach at night, and have successfully seen, the mirage over the years when I've noticed the double horizon during the day. It is not easy to see details when it's daylight and there's haze on the horizon, but at night, those lights are unmistakable. Keep looking!
Mirage 2018Mirage 2018   Thanks for following my work - please share with your friends, and visit my other galleries on my webpage here for gorgeous art prints and more! Cheers.


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Behind The Lens: Lake Huron Mermaid http://sarahchisholmphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/10/behind-the-lens-lake-huron-mermaid   Hello again! Last week I shared with you all the story behind my Ophelia shoot, and today, I'm sharing the story of the Lake Huron Mermaid. It's been a long time in the making! 
Lake Huron MermaidLake Huron Mermaid
Lake Huron Mermaid 

  My friend Rex, aka Kristen Holloway of "Roar by Rex", is a multi-talented jewelry maker, sculptor, designer, voice-over actress, and painter, among many other creative roles she plays. The other day, she was also a mermaid! We have been meaning to do this fantasy shoot together for years now, but for various reasons haven't been able to until recently. I'm so glad we finally pulled it off - though not without a few snags, learning curves, and stomach-clutching laughs along the way! 
  Let's take a moment to appreciate all the preparation and work that Kristen did to become the Lake Huron Mermaid. Not only did she create and sew the long tail by hand, she also sculpted the clamshells for the bralette herself! Wow! She made her entire costume from clay, found objects, and scrap materials. Please do check out her website, www.roarbyrex.com to learn more about her artistic creations!
  Rex has been patiently waiting since last summer for our schedules to align and the weather to cooperate, so I could turn her into a real-life mermaid using my camera and digital painting skills. One day last week it seemed that summer was finally performing its swan song, so I knew we had precious few days left to us if we wanted to get in the water for this aquatic-themed shoot. I hailed Kristen and let her know we were on. We were too excited and couldn't wait another year! Even better, I could hear the waves of the lake near my house, indicating that we'd have sparkling water to splash up on the big rock we planned to use as a perch. Kristen came over and got into character, and we packed up my ten-month-old Skye, who would be our prop keeper and musical accompaniment for the afternoon, and headed for the beach. 
  We got to the rock, and it was clear she wouldn't even be able to cling to it, let alone sit prettily on top of it. The waves were battering the shoreline, and the wind was whipping through our hair and accessories. The rock was submerged, so we scanned the shoreline for a safer spot. Far down there's a bit of a cove, where rocks were sticking out of smaller waves, and trees made for a protective cover. We headed down that way - baby, mermaid tail, camera equipment and all. It was quite the walk, but I'm sure my neighbours got a kick out of it. We reached the cove and found the perfect spot. Sort of. Well, it would do. 
  Putting on the mermaid tail while balancing on sharp, wet stones in rough water proved difficult, if not amusing. She couldn't walk once the tail was on, so she had to try to don it in place. So, this took a few minutes. It didn't help that we were laughing so hard already. Okay, so she finally got in place up on the rock. Her hair was just slightly wet and the rest was blowing nicely away from her face. I start clicking. Every second picture is of her laughing wildly as a slapping wave knocks her into a different position. It was nearly impossible for Kristen to hold any position, let alone take the time for me to direct her into the perfect pose. More laughter ensued. Skye was singing us the song of her people from her safe and warm vantage point nearby. We may have been mistaken for sirens, but more likely for drunk sailors. We decide to try for the ol' 'mermaid splashing beautifully out of the sea' pose. That's when Kristen really gets wet. So do my shoes, and my butt, and... oh look, I'm submerged too now. Is the camera wet? Yes. Yes it is. But all is well, it will dry. Keep clicking. 
  With her permission, I just had to share some of the "outtakes" from our shoot - just to give you an idea of what Kristen was putting up with out there in that wild water. (We were only two feet from shore, so she was safe the whole time, please don't send us admonishing messages. We are tough and smart women!)

    After trying out a few more poses, we were both soaked but optimistic about our results. For all of the jostling and constant wardrobe fixes, Kristen managed to give me some great poses to work with, and she didn't even get scratched or bruised! Her work was done, but mine was only just beginning. Now I had to work my post-processing magic, not least of which in making her tail look like a natural extension of her body! Kristen did a ton of prep work for this shoot, and so did I - years of learning to take and process photos, developing my own style of artistic expression through digital painting, and then learning to photograph and edit people would all play a big part in the success of our endeavour. Though much of our original ideas were quite literally washed away, I still hoped I could come up with a series of amazing mermaid fine art photographs... and I do love what we've created together. I hope you love them too. I know Kristen feels great about herself after seeing these, and she definitely should; she looks incredible. Here she is as our gorgeous Lake Huron Mermaid. 

  The mermaid uses her found "dinglehopper" (fork) to comb her tresses.

The SirenThe Siren
  At nighttime, the siren calls to wary sailors out on the distant waters.

Mermaid CoveMermaid Cove
  A mermaid collects pearls while basking in a sheltered cove.

Butterfly PearlsButterfly Pearls
  A butterfly brings the mermaid gifts of pearls. 


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Ophelia: A Farewell To Summer http://sarahchisholmphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/9/ophelia-a-farewell-to-summer   I've been dreaming of quite a few fantasy projects since I began to create fine art photographs and digital paintings, which was over five years ago now. But I have shied away from taking photos of people in the past, and have only recently ventured beyond my comfort zone to create portraits of others. I gained confidence by taking self-portraits, and practicing editing and adding my own distinct style to the final creations. In the last couple of months, I've worked with my daughters and some new friends and have made some breathtaking portraits and scenes. It was fun, confidence-boosting (to me and the models!), and inspiring. My intention isn't to offer my services to clients, but to branch out with my own creations and ideas into new territories and genres I have yearned to explore. 
    The tragic figure of Ophelia from Shakespeare's Hamlet has been the inspiration for many a beautiful painting and poem. In the play, she is a love interest for Hamlet, but after their relationship goes awry and then the death of her father, she goes mad. She then purportedly falls into a brook after the branch of a willow tree breaks and drops her into the water. Her heavy dress pulls her to the muddy bottom, and too distraught to save herself, she drowns among the flowers she was gathering. It is later clarified that she must have committed suicide. At her funeral, the Queen sprinkles blossoms upon Ophelia's grave, saying "Sweets to the sweet". Ophelia is an iconic character in classic literature, and dark though the subject matter may be, I was interested in a photographic portrayal of her as she's so vividly described. Finally I met the right model, and I gathered up the courage to ask her to pose for me, and she said yes! Incidentally, her name is also Sarah, and she's also a photographer, and we live just around the corner from one another! Sarah has gorgeous, long red hair, and I knew she would be the perfect Ophelia. Luckily, she's also cool with laying down in muddy water in a thick velvet dress while having debris thrown on top of her. Thanks, neighbour! 
    I wanted to pull off this shoot before autumn hit us here in Southwestern Ontario, and we picked literally the very last day it would have been possible to go in the water without it being freezing cold with a strong current. It seemed a fitting farewell to the summer weather. On the day of magic, I spent hours pulling apart wildflowers from around our property, and flowers sourced from a nearby country stand, so I'd have a bucketful of petals and blossoms to scatter about my Ophelia. I had my husband clip some long willow branches for us, and after packing up the costume, we went down to a nearby stream that flows into Lake Huron. It was less than an hour before sunset. The water was stagnant and still in the late summer heat, which was perfect because I didn't need all of my hard-earned tiny flowers floating downstream before I got to to hit the shutter button. Trooper and amazing model that she is, Sarah got into character, got into the water, and watched the sunset for a moment while I adjusted my camera settings. I snapped this one of her then, before we wet and tangled her clean and shiny tresses. Her hair was done to perfection by Sharon Lytle from InStyle Hair Studio in Kincardine, and it would have been a shame to ruin it without taking a photo first!
Daybreak DaydreamDaybreak Daydream
    Daybreak Daydream
    After Sarah submerged most of her body and head in the shallow water, I tossed flowers and willow branches all around her from the riverbank above. Of course, the first overflowing handful I threw landed all over her face, so I was glad I had advised her to close her eyes and mouth! Finally I jumped into the water with her, almost waist-deep, with my poor rubber boots on. They filled with water and made me very slow. We kept having to corral straying blossoms and branches, so it was good that my daughter was on dry land waiting to shower us with more fresh florals. It was difficult, to say the least... but I just snapped away, taking full advantage of what fading light was left, and trying to be as quick as possible so Sarah didn't have to stay long in her mud bath. When we emerged from the water, we were both covered in silt and sand, dead flowers, bits of twigs and leaves, and who knows? - maybe one or two of those little minnows I saw darting to and fro as we worked. Sarah's hair had tons of pieces of blue hydrangea woven throughout the strands, and despite just coming out of a veritable swamp, she looked beautiful. I am really appreciative of her for helping me achieve my artistic vision of Ophelia. I've taken the last few days to edit some of the best images, and I'm ecstatic with the results. I hope that Sarah is proud of them as well, and that you all love what we've accomplished together!
    And now, without further adieu, here is the set "Ophelia", part of my ongoing fantasy portrait series. Enjoy, and please, leave your comments!

Sweets For The SweetSweets For The SweetThe tragic literary figure Ophelia drowns after falling into a brook among her crown of flowers.     Sweets To The Sweet - Can you find two damselflies? A symbol of ascended souls and hope beyond this realm, and fitting for a 'damsel' in distress! 

OpheliaOphelia    Ophelia

Ophelia's AutumnOphelia's Autumn      Ophelia's Autumn 

Ophelia's GazeOphelia's Gaze
    Ophelia's Gaze

A Tragic SplendourA Tragic Splendour
  A Tragic Splendour 


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The Final Wreck of the Erie Belle http://sarahchisholmphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2017/1/the-final-wreck-of-the-erie-belle   Last month (originally posted May of 2014), I wrote about the shipwreck that lies onshore just a stone's throw south of the Kincardine pier, the Ann Maria. This time I'm going to tell you about another wreck that lies onshore a bit more south of Kincardine, on Boiler Beach Road in Huron-Kinloss Township. All that now remains of the Erie Belle is the ship's boiler, which, ironically, was actually the catalyst to her ultimate demise. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. Let's go back in time...
  The Erie Belle was a steamship built in Cleveland, Ohio in 1862, by Peck & Masters, and her adventures began from there, though "her" name was in fact Hector then. She was first used as a tugboat during the Civil War on Lake Erie (one of the freshwater Great Lakes in Canada and the USA), and after the war, she was a passenger ship until sinking for the first time in the Detroit River in 1873. After a time underwater, she was raised and rebuilt, and sold to a man from Windsor, Ontario, who renamed her the Erie Belle. (Apparently this man scoffed superstitions about re-naming ships. Oops.)  Unluckily, the Erie Belle was soon wrecked again (this would be only the second time) near Colchester, Ontario, on Lake Erie, but she was quickly rebuilt yet again and put back into service as a tugboat. She ended up in service on Lake Huron. 

  Autumn gales and storms on the Great Lakes have proved they can be incredibly powerful and destructive, and in mid-November 1883, Lake Huron was getting battered. A schooner named the J. N. Carter was loaded with timber, trying to brave the raging lake, when it overshot Kincardine harbour and made a turn back north for safety, ultimately running aground near the shore south of Kincardine. The Erie Belle tug was sent to the rescue, and arrived days later with tow ropes to pull the schooner from where it was stranded. It was not having much success, and the boiler filled with more and more steam as the ship struggled. It is thought somehow the steam was unable to escape from the relief valves, and as the engine began to overheat as well, the steam pressure inside the boiler reached the breaking point - there was a horrific explosion. 

Erie Belle, Huron ShoreErie Belle, Huron Shore
The boiler from the shipwreck Erie Belle

  The ship was blown to fine pieces, with only the boiler itself surviving in any recognizable form. Four of the twelve crew members were killed instantly, and the others were thrown far from the wreckage, but rescued from the waters by the very folk they were trying to rescue on the J. NCarter. (That ship remained where it ran aground for the rest of that winter, and in spring, it was finally rescued... though it sank before the turn of the century.)
  The tangled mess of the Erie Belle was stripped and pulled close to shore, and the boiler left. Years later, an unsuccessful attempt to steal it brought it closer still to shore. Today it rests mostly out of reach of the water line, though a powerful storm or wind like the one that brought about the events of the wreck can bring the water up to the boiler, as in the photos above and below. 

Erie, EerieErie, Eerie
The Erie Belle boiler during a winter storm 

  The boiler exploding is the cause of the Erie Belle's third, and most final, shipwrecking, so its presence almost mocks the tragic incident. Yet this piece of twisted metal is a marker for those four who lost their lives on Lake Huron that day, and a historic and iconic landmark for the Kincardine area. Be sure to visit Boiler Beach and the resting place of the Erie Belle when you are in town! You know, the sunset from Boiler Beach is usually quite spectacular too...

Autumn Storm Beyond the WreckAutumn Storm Beyond the Wreck
Sunset on Boiler Beach, Kincardine/Huron-Kinloss

A Ghost Of A FlameA Ghost Of A Flame
Winter sunset over Erie Belle shipwreck 

  I hope you're enjoying my bits of Kincardine Great Lakes history! Comments are welcome. Cheers.
Sarah Chisholm


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Underneath the Milky Sky http://sarahchisholmphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/6/Underneath_the_Milky_Sky   I have been enduring a few sleepless nights and coffee-fuelled days in the last week or so, but it's all been worth it for the nighttime views I've witnessed lately. I've been out with my camera attempting to capture the exquisite beauty of the Milky Way galaxy, but there were also many moments of just sitting under the stars, contemplating the existence of my own self on this planet Earth - just another tiny dot of light within the vastness of the universe. 
Heavens From The 7thThe Milky Way galaxy as seen from the country beyond Kincardine, Ontario.

  It began last weekend when I waited up until past midnight to capture the Milky Way galaxy core as it rose behind the historic Point Clark, Ontario imperial lighthouse. My husband drove us out to the relatively dark spot and I set up my shot to best block out the several floodlights around the surrounding buildings, while still including those ethereal sweeping beams of light. Luckily, some beautiful trees were there to help with a nice composition. We were only on site for a few minutes when there was a booming sound - the kind of sound you feel in your bones and soul more than you hear with your ears. It was unsettling to say the least, and with bears known to be roaming the area, and a second percussion shaking the ground, I decided quickly that surely I'd gotten a shot I'd be satisfied with, and we up and left! Safe at home, after some careful post-processing, this was my final result:
Galaxy To The PointThe Point Clark, Ontario Lighthouse beams under the Milky Way rising.

   I even had a chance to include Mars (and lilacs!) with the lighthouse, from a different angle. 
Point Clark DarkThe Point Clark Lighthouse beams with a glowing red planet Mars

  The last few nights, Mars has been a bright red dot in the sky, on its closest approach to Earth in many years. Not far away from Mars lingers Saturn, another vivid point of light. With the help of my Sigma 500mm lens and a steady tripod, after several attempts to find the right settings (not too much light or details are lost!), I finally captured a tiny pinprick of light in a mostly black photograph, which I was able to zoom in on to see the fantastical rings of Saturn! (I realize this is a poor quality image, but considering the subject matter, I think I'll proudly keep it anyway.)
SaturnThe rings of planet Saturn

    When I posted the image of the Point Clark Lighthouse and the night sky, it was very well received by my fans on Facebook and Instagram; and thank you for that - I appreciate your encouragement! So it seemed only natural to do the Kincardine Lighthouse under the Milky Way as well. But that was going to prove more difficult, given the competing glow of the surrounding town lights, and the position of the galactic arc in relation to how the lighthouse is situated. Not quite knowing what to expect when I got there, I found myself wandering around the Kincardine harbour and pier very late one weeknight, scoping out the best positions for an out-of-this-world scene with the lighthouse. The Milky Way was still easy to pick out over the harbour, even through the obscuring bright lights below. 
Harbour of the Milky WayThe Milky Way, a meteor, and a plane in the night sky over Kincardine, Ontario harbour.

  However, if I was going to fit both the lighthouse and the very best parts of the sky into one image, I'd have to "shift" the sky over a wee bit, so I did just that in post-processing. I took a photo of the lighthouse and downtown buildings shining nicely through the night, and then I moved to take a different exposure of the Milky Way, Saturn, Mars, and myriad other twinkles overhead, finally blending the two images together for this (hopefully!) awe-inspiring scene. 
Kincardine GalaxyThe Milky Way galaxy along with planets Saturn and Mars shine over the historic lighthouse in Kincardine, Ontario, Canada.

  I will never tire of the stunning night sky, and I'm still constantly learning so I can improve upon my own astrophotography, so there will be many more celestial creations to come. Please leave your comments below, and let me know if you'd like to see some tips for shooting the night sky in a future blog post! Thanks for following!




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Behind The Lens: "The Artist Sets The Mood" http://sarahchisholmphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/4/behind-the-lens-the-artist-sets-the-mood   Hello there!

  I've been a bit slack regarding my blog entries, forgive me! I have been in hibernation somewhat, but like the wild animals, I am emerging with the spring temperatures. Today was quite warm, though many parts of Ontario were under rain and wind warnings, with gusts of up to 90km/h possible. It was incredibly windy, the rain did indeed pour down, the sky was foreboding and dark, and I knew it was the perfect day to go outdoors and photograph myself enjoying the beach. Wait... what? 
  Oh yes, the conditions were perfect. Late afternoon, the rain stopped, the sun almost peeking through the gloom, and the moment had arrived. For some time I'd had this idea for a self-portrait in which I'm standing on the lakeshore, painting parts of the scene before me in my signature bright colour and ethereal mood, while leaving some of the image darker where my brush has yet to touch. I wanted to convey how I create my own worlds in my photography, not necessarily the world everyone else sees, and how I love to 'paint' my images to my particular liking and style. 
  I quickly donned several layers of sheer skirts and lingerie, hoping not to freeze, and then threw a warm poncho overtop for the journey to the shore. I bundled up my two little assistants, after they also put on their own flowing dresses for fun in the wind. I was going to need my older daughter's help to ensure my timer and shutter kept going and to help me back up the loose stone embankment between takes - this was going to take a few shots to get the pose and composition right! I adjusted my camera settings (for those of you who love the numbers, those were F8 at 1/160, ISO 200), threw off my poncho, handed my daughter my glasses, and scrambled down the tumbling rocks to pose at the water's edge. 
I wanted some powerful winds to billow and blow my clothing and hair; I had visions of yards of colourful drapery expertly floating behind me as I, paintbrush in hand, perfected artistic strokes across what would later be a painted sky. The reality was a lot of hair going into my mouth, a lot of breaking up wrestling matches between paintbrush and silk, and a lot of unflattering poses captured as I struggled, somewhat successfully, to keep an elegant composure. The wind very much wanted to snatch away my luxurious Shovava scarf. In any image where you can see my face, I look either dejected or murderous. This shoot might also work for a swamp creature sort of thing. Anyway, I finally decided I must have at least one shot worth using, so I packed up the crew and we went home. Checking the images on my computer screen, I was relieved to find I had a couple of decent prospects for editing. 
  After selecting just one image, I used Lightroom to edit for colour, contrast, and all those little details, and then switched over to Photoshop to paint in the different sky. I used parts of another photo of mine with clouds, and also hand-painted with chosen colours, for the brush strokes of beautiful blue sky. After careful tweaking and editing, Voila!: my original vision is somewhat realized. Close enough. As artists, we are always hoping out next piece will be the really great one! I hope you like my attempt; I'm pleased with the results, and that's good enough. Cheers! 

The Artist Sets The MoodA self-portrait by Sarah Chisholm

  (Information regarding Limited Edition prints for this image can be found here.) 

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Softly Falling Diamonds http://sarahchisholmphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2016/1/softly-falling-diamonds   With winter finally in full swing here in Southwestern Ontario, it's been snowing quite heavily in January, with a few "snow days" this year already. I've greeted the snow with excitement this year, as now I get to add to my snowflake macro photograph collection! It's not an easy task under the best of conditions, but the snow squalls we've been experiencing have brought high winds, making it impossible to catch the snowflakes holding still even for a fraction of a second. Luckily, today the snow fell straight down without blowing around, and there were some beautiful flake formations in the fluffy precipitation. Here are a few I liked best. 

  This intricate beauty is encrusted with diamond-like ice on the outer edges while perfectly smooth in the centre. What a work of art!
Snowflake FireSnowflake Fire

  I love how the dendrites of the top right snowflake resemble the fronds of a fern. 
Snowflakes In SpaceSnowflakes In Space

  There are many different ways for them to form!
Snowflakes & SparklesSnowflakes & Sparkles

  I had to zoom in very close to this one to reveal the interesting star and snowflake patterns in the tiny bokeh around it. 
Flake BokehFlake Bokeh

  The snowfall has ceased for now, but I'll be back outside the next ideal day to capture more unique ice crystals. Thanks for following!



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Merry Christmas 2015 http://sarahchisholmphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2015/12/merry-christmas-2015 A Very Merry Christmas To You All! 
Snow-Laden GardenSnow-Laden Garden
I want to give sincere thanks to each and every one of you who have come out to my shows and events, purchased my artwork, encouraged my success, and joined me on social media this year. I cannot properly express how grateful I am to be part of such great communities - both in my own little town in Southwestern Ontario, and all across the world online. I am so lucky that you enjoy my work and that you always leave me feeling positive after sharing little pieces of myself with you. I have the best friends, family, and fans. Thank you so much for a wonderful year. I hope you've noticed my improvements (I've learned so much over the past year!), and are still anticipating what I do next! I think I want to branch out and explore other mediums, in addition to learning more about photography and editing and digital creating, in the new year. Perhaps I'll take up old hobbies, and try new things as well. I do hope you'll continue to follow me on my journey. It really wouldn't be as fun to create without you all to share with! 
I'd also like to give especial thanks to Scott and Ashley Duncan at the Sugar Shack for giving me the amazing opportunity of having my first solo show. They even threw a wicked opening party, and they will never know how much that all truly means to me. The party, and the show entirely, was a great success, and I'm going to spend the holidays coming up with ways to thank them. Thanks, guys. 
Also thank you to the folks at Baillie's Picture Framing in Grand Bend for organizing fantastic events as well as doing some gorgeous printing and framing for me; they made some stunning pieces that went to good homes this year. Thanks for making my work look even better! 
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Warm Wishes for the New Year.  
Here's a little slide show of snowy and seasonal scenes accompanied by a beautiful Christmas song for you to relax with... just a small gift from me to you. Just click here : Merry Christmas ; to bring you to the homepage and it will start. 


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Meet Me in November http://sarahchisholmphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2015/11/meet-me-in-november Hi again! 
I have mentioned on social media that I have three big shows coming up in November 2015; Lake Effects, Artful Hands, and my solo show at the Sugar Shack. Here are the dates and places so you can mark your calendars! 

"Lake Effects" November 14th - December 24th
  See my previous blog post for more details about this show and sale held in my hometown, Grand Bend, Ontario. Baillie's Picture Framing on Crescent Street is hosting, and the opening reception is November 14th from 1pm - 4pm. The art will continue to be available for purchase until December 24th. 

"Artful Hands Christmas Show & Sale" - November 21st & 22nd
  Once again I will be attending this annual event, held at the historic Kincardine Pavilion right on the beach. I will be joining dozens of other artists, artisans and craftspeople for a unique local shopping event you don't want to miss. This year it's held on Saturday, November 21st from 10 am - 5 pm, and Sunday, November 22nd from 10 am - 4 pm. I'll have calendars, framed work, prints, and more on hand. 

"Sugar Shack Tattoo & Gallery presents: Sarah Chisholm" - November 20th - January 2016
  I am over the moon excited about this... not only is it my first true solo show, but there's going to be an opening party sure to be an amazing time! More about it in another blog post closer to, but you can get a sneak peek at "Hometown Christmas in Kincardine" November 20th starting in the evening, so be sure to pop in there when you're out and about that night, as everyone is! I'll be there in person that night with prints, calendars, and more. *It is cash only.* The opening reception is November 28th, doors open at 8pm, with licensed bar, catering, and DJs. Yep, it's gonna be sweet!

Hope to see you at at least one of these shows! I am so looking forward to seeing familiar faces, and meeting new folks. Cheers! 


(- SARAH CHISHOLM - Fine Art & Photography) http://sarahchisholmphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2015/11/meet-me-in-november Sat, 14 Nov 2015 01:41:51 GMT
Lake Effects Art Show http://sarahchisholmphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2015/11/lake-effects-art-show   I have the honour of having been invited to participate in a three-artist show, alongside talented photographers Janette Baillie and Derek Houston. This will be held at Baillie's Picture Framing in Grand Bend, Ontario, until December 24th, 2015. The show is called "Lake Effects", and each of us will be displaying works inspired by Lake Huron and the ever-changing waters.

  Janette grew up in Northern Ontario and now lives in gorgeous Grand Bend along the Ausable River, where I myself grew up. I now live near the Bruce Peninsula in Kincardine. Derek was born in Scotland and now resides in Port Franks, along the southern coast of Lake Huron. So between us, we've got the Ontario side of Huron covered, from shore to landscape and the sky between. Come and see how the lake is a muse to us artists, and discover our complementary and unique styles. 
  The opening reception is this Saturday coming, the 14th, from 1 to 4 pm. There's wine! I'll be there excited to see familiar and new faces, and I've been keeping some pieces secret just for this show. If you're in the area, don't miss it! It's always worth the drive to Grand Bend. 

(- SARAH CHISHOLM - Fine Art & Photography) Grand Bend Lake Effects Lake Huron Ontario artists lake landscape reception sale shore show sky http://sarahchisholmphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2015/11/lake-effects-art-show Wed, 11 Nov 2015 02:23:43 GMT
And It's Not Even Easter... http://sarahchisholmphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2015/10/and-its-not-even-easter   Last evening we went for one of those meandering drives with no particular destination in mind. I knew the sunset was going to be spectacular because heavy dramatic snow clouds threatened over the lake, where the water was a swirling mosaic of turquoise, sapphire, and white. I trusted that when the time came to photograph the sunset, we'd have found a great place. Sure enough, we ended up on little more than a track beside the lake, and happened upon a marsh on the shore, filled with the cacophony of song and shore birds.
Pharaoh's SunsetPharaoh's Sunset

  I walked along the beach, looking through my lens more than at my feet. When I finally stopped to just take my fill of the scene before me with my own eyes, I looked down at the ground in front of me and gave a gasp. "No way," I said to myself.
Where It LayWhere It Lay

  For right at my tiptoes was a gigantic, BLUE egg, something I am awfully fond of in my own collections. Only I usually collect glass and china... this egg was very real. Real, and unfortunately obviously abandoned, unhatched. 
  No one was going to believe me about the size of it. (I did think about taking it home with me, but, ew.) My husband, keeping warm and dozing in the car a fair ways away now, looked up to see me running down the beach, frantically waving for his attention. Someone else HAD to see this. He couldn't believe his eyes either. We agreed that the egg must have been almost six inches long, and three inches at the widest point. 
Lost EggLost Egg   When I got home, I searched the internet for identification, looking right away into herons and egrets, both species I know to frequent the area. Sure enough, they both lay large blue eggs. Trouble is, the heron's egg is bigger... to a maximum of three inches long. This egg was twice that size. Geese. Geese lay big eggs. But none of them are blue. What lays a giant blue egg? I mean, a really massive, ostrich-sized blue egg?
Blue EggBlue Egg
  Well, turns out... emus do. Yeah, I'm stumped too. The only conclusion I can come to is, the egg was a special treasure meant for me to find. Sometimes life throws out little gifts and messages, whether we always catch them or not. I'm going to take my mystery of the giant blue egg, and smile knowing such a rare and bizarre thing could only have happened to me. Good thing I'm a photographer. 


(- SARAH CHISHOLM - Fine Art & Photography) beach blue egg egret emu find gift heron marsh ostrich sunset treasure http://sarahchisholmphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2015/10/and-its-not-even-easter Mon, 19 Oct 2015 03:55:00 GMT
Always A Riot In August http://sarahchisholmphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2015/7/always-a-riot-in-august Greetings good people! 
  The month of August will arrive shortly and it's unfathomable how summer is just flying by this year, but that hot summer month promises to be a busy one! I love that the temperatures have finally turned sultry here for a truly beach town atmosphere. Bring on the festivals!
Here's a bit of what I have going on in August: 
  I've created two editions of calendars for 2016, and they are now available for pick-up, worldwide shipping, on hand at shows (where they last!) and to order. I'll link the galleries of images for each calendar here for you, and you can contact me for yours. 
  Kincardine Calendar: http://sarahchisholmphotography.zenfolio.com/p133339242
  Fine Art Calendar : http://sarahchisholmphotography.zenfolio.com/p123180128

The cover of the Kincardine 2016 calendar

  Due to recent (rather exciting!) developments, I will not be attending the 'Artful Hands' Show in Kincardine this year. Apologies to those who had hoped to catch me there. Don't despair! I will be at the Ripley Artisans Festival on August 15th and 16th in Ripley, Ontario, with framed work, new paintings, tons of prints, and calendars among other things, so be sure to see me there. 

  Kincardine has an interesting and fun new event now in its second annual year, The Kincardine Marine Heritage Festival, this year on August 21st and 22nd. That's when the Tall Ships Pathfinder and Playfair will visit again. I was asked to do the cover feature article for The Bruce County Marketplace for the festival, so look for that write-up with my photographs in the August edition of the magazine, and hey, if you bring a copy to the festival, I'll even sign it for you! I'll be at the Artist's Alley on Saturday the 22nd along the pier under the lighthouse. I don't know how I'm going to wait that long to reveal to you the awesome pieces I have specifically for the Marine Heritage Festival. Ooh! Wait 'til you see! There's lots of nautical fun so come out and support this cool new event. 
Sailing Off Into The SunsetSailing Off Into The Sunset Inspiration for the Kincardine Marine Heritage Festival. Prints available...

  My wonderful husband is taking me on a getaway. It's our anniversary month. Seven incredible years! By the end of August, I should have some brand new subject matter to dazzle you with... stay tuned! Hope to see you this month, enjoying summer! 

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Behind The Scenes - "The Wind" http://sarahchisholmphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2015/6/behind-the-scenes---the-wind Hello everyone!

  It has been much too long since I've written a blog post, and so I've decided to share a bit from 'behind the scenes' of my latest fine art self-portrait titled, "The Wind". 
It rained here much of the day yesterday (except for a gloriously shining moment at sundown when the sun peeked through cloud cover, bathed everything in violet and magenta, and created a arcing rainbow!) and getting on late in the evening, my husband and I discovered there were to be fireworks in a neighbouring town, despite the rain, so we piled the kids in the car and headed that way. We totally missed the show, so we meandered back to Kincardine aimlessly, and ended up at the Station Beach boardwalk for a beautiful stroll in the light rain and warm night. If you've never been down at the boardwalk after or during a rain, I really do recommend it. It's such a pretty place to wander if you don't mind getting a bit misty. So, off we go, all the way down the boardwalk, managing somehow to miss every one of the hundreds of snails come out to play on the wooden planks with our footsteps. 
  Quite a ways along, there is a park for kids to slide and climb, and of course my little girls wanted to do just that, leaving me a moment to point my camera out over the lake towards... absolutely nothing. Darn. Well there had to be something to take a photo of around there... 
  The light from the myriad lamps along the walkway were painting the beachside poplar trees and tall grasses with a golden glow, and the wind was blowing in great warm gusts, and so I set my camera (I did not bring my tripod) on some nearby rocks, set up for a long exposure, clicked the shutter button, and waited. As I stood there, my hair blew about my face and was tossed into the night, and it tickled my imagination. I immediately knew this would be a great time to capture my next self-portrait, something that has been daunting me for months. I set my camera on timer, and scrambled over the rocks, down into the grass, and into the frame. This is so me... waiting on the beach in the dark in the elements, staring off over the lake and sky. 
The WindThe Wind   I did have some issues to overcome in editing, least of which being that in the picture, I was actually wearing dark leggings, a bright top, and an oversize grey cardigan that had been hastily donned. Suffice to say, it wasn't a glamorous outfit, and though I am perfectly comfortable being portrayed in my patterned rubber boots, as that's part and parcel of me, it wasn't going to work for the mood of this image. I painted my dress entirely, and had fun making it blow in the wind. By happy coincidence, the dress I ended up painting looks very much like my mother's wedding dress. 
  Zooming in to see what that strange white dot was over the lake on the right, I realized it was Venus (which came out to shine brightly before setting a bit later) trying feebly to glow through the grey curtain. I seem to be looking right at it, but could not see it when I was standing there. Ah, Venus! What a perfect romantic element for my wind-swept creation. 
  I hope you enjoy my latest self-portrait. I will try to do them less infrequently now... and my blog as well. Bad artist. Bad. ;) 



(- SARAH CHISHOLM - Fine Art & Photography) http://sarahchisholmphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2015/6/behind-the-scenes---the-wind Sun, 28 Jun 2015 23:13:20 GMT
The Forest Crystals http://sarahchisholmphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2015/1/the-forest-crystals   Finally being able to take advantage of some "off" time together as a family, my husband, daughters, and I went for a walk in our new neighbourhood to explore our surroundings. We found a trail a bit off the beaten path, and after following it for some time, it took a turn into those kind of woods that have their own quiet dark and damp chill, with close trees, moss-covered logs, and old growth... the kind of forest I absolutely love. This one, however, also revealed an unexpected and almost magical phenomenon: the forest floor was covered in what appeared to be bunches of crystals!

  Disappointingly, it was almost dark at the time my husband first spotted them, so I only managed a few quick shots with my macro lens before we had to get out of the very-likely-coyote-inhabited forest before full night. We really didn't know what they were - ice, or fungi? They were not cold to the touch at all, but did bust apart like tinkling glass underfoot.

  Close-ups with my macro lens revealed them to be almost fibrous, like a sort of cilia. They had come out of the ground and still had bits of dirt and leaves clinging to them. 

Forest Crystal - Blue ShardForest Crystal - Blue Shard
  Some of the projections from the ground ended quite sharply, like points of a needle! 

  After conversing with my dad (who is a great person to ask about these kinds of things), we now think we found a kind of frost flower known as "needle ice". Frost flowers are caused by interactions between warm or cold moisture (from a stream, or wet forest floor, say) and warm or cold air.
  A few days after initially finding the crystals, it finally snowed, and my husband and I returned to the area to see what we could see. We had to dig for our treasure, but when we found the same patches we'd examined before, the 'crystal shards' had grown quite a bit larger, only getting dirty and opaque in the process. They weren't as "magical" anymore. We were able to pull up large chunks and confirmed that it was indeed a sort of ice.

  Small, thin "cords" of ice had banded together to make large columns now... still very interesting to behold! 

  It was exciting to find something unique from incredible Mother Nature! If you ever find yourself in a damp cedar forest, and you keep hearing glass crunching underfoot, lift up the leaves; maybe it's "needle ice"! 
  Keep exploring...


(- SARAH CHISHOLM - Fine Art & Photography) cedar crystal forest frost flowers fungi ice needle ice shard trail woods http://sarahchisholmphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2015/1/the-forest-crystals Mon, 05 Jan 2015 00:05:21 GMT
A Smashing Salvation http://sarahchisholmphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/12/a-smashing-salvation And so we say good-bye to 2014! You know, after all is said and done, I really can't say it's been all that bad of a year. That being said... let's hope 2015 is a phenomenally better one!
  No matter what, we must strive to make the most of our situation at hand. Take, for instance, this 'small' example of how I turned the misfortune of shattering a beloved Christmas tree ornament into an opportunity for some creative macro photography. CascadeCascade

  I used some very simple props and got some stunning, colourful images, so the bauble being broken was actually lucky. Inside the ornament was a shiny mirrored glass, and I used certain sculptural fragments for an interesting backdrop to some water droplet photographs. Shattered LavenderShattered Lavender
  There was nothing very fancy involved here; I used my marble countertop, the broken glass shards, some water, a spoon to drop the water, and my macro lens with flash. I dripped water onto the colourful and reflective broken pieces and tried for some neat water splashes and droplets with my camera set right on the counter nearby. Crystal WaterwallCrystal Waterwall
  I had fun amidst the chaos! A Drip In The BoatA Drip In The Boat
  This is poetry with water and the irreparably broken. Pick up the pieces, and create your own beauty from them. 
Breaking TurquoiseBreaking Turquoise
  The year ahead will bring us the good and bad, as each year does. So make sure you make the most of the bad, along with the good. 
  I have great inspirations and dreams for 2015! I hope you continue to enjoy my work and the new directions I may venture. I appreciate every one of you that have lent me your support and encouragement in the past and going forward into the future. Cheers, and thank you! 
  Happy New Year! 


(- SARAH CHISHOLM - Fine Art & Photography) 2014 2015 New Years broken colour droplet flash glass macro marble ornament pieces shard splash water http://sarahchisholmphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/12/a-smashing-salvation Thu, 01 Jan 2015 01:06:34 GMT
Giving Back http://sarahchisholmphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/12/giving-back   Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! 
  I have had such a fantastic year with my art and photography. I've been featured in new galleries and shows, written about in newspaper and online articles, and even interviewed by the International Foundation For Women Artists. Click here to read the interview again or if you missed it; they asked me some great questions! I entered my very first contest in Bayfield in the fall, and was extremely honoured to receive an honourable mention among many admirable entries. This was the image the judges appreciated:
Girl On The Other SideGirl On The Other SideLimited Edition prints currently available in size 12" x 18". Printed on ultra premium lustre photo paper and signed and titled by hand. $125. Contact me directly to order.

"Girl On The Other Side"

  I also met many people who have been fans of my Facebook page or have followed my website for some time now. It is always nice to put faces to the names I've become so familiar with. Some have even travelled far distances to visit, and I am humbled and grateful! It is also especially nice to become more recognized in my "hometown" of Kincardine. You see, I'm not originally from here, but I feel as though Kincardine has adopted me as one of their own, and it's become such a part of my heart and soul, I am so glad to be so welcomed and appreciated. Thank you to everyone who follows my work, near and far. 
Ice and a Fiery GlowIce and a Fiery Glow

KIncardine Lighthouse at Christmastime

  I care very much for my 'adoptive' town, and while I don't go around making announcements every time, I do give back to my community throughout the year, by donating either my time, a piece of work for auction, or my own money, to various local organizations. After recently receiving some more cards in thanks from various folks, I did a tally and realized that I've contributed to almost two dozen charities and events in 2014!! Wow! It's so wonderful that I've been supported enough by people who enjoy my work to enable me to help support so many great causes in turn. That feels amazing! 
  So, I'm not going to stop there. I'm going to choose five more charities and worthy causes to donate to before December is through. I feel such love from my community both locally and online, that I want to share the love as well. I invite you to do the same; donate your time or funds to a local cause this year. Consider it a gift you give your whole community - and yourself! 
  I invite you to comment with your favourite places to help out and donate towards, in case anyone is looking for inspiration. 
  I hope your holidays are merry and warm, and that you make many happy memories. Feed the birds. Smile at children. Hold the door open. And "be excellent to each other". I love you guys very much! Cheers. 

A wintery scene from Lake Huron               




(- SARAH CHISHOLM - Fine Art & Photography) Christmas Facebook Kincardine artist charity community donation gift giving back holidays support http://sarahchisholmphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/12/giving-back Tue, 16 Dec 2014 02:42:19 GMT
What's Going On In November http://sarahchisholmphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/11/whats-going-on-in-november Greetings, my beloved fans! 
   As the holiday season fast approaches, I have a number of events and updates to inform you about; especially should you wish to honour me by giving my work as gifts this year! I'm so grateful whenever someone decides to purchase my art. Please know how much I appreciate it, especially this time of year! I love making people smile when they see their beautiful new prints. That is my gift from you! 
   I have a number of shows this month. The first, the Matthews Hall Holly & Ivy Show, is an excellent venue for both shoppers and artists. I was so pleased to receive an invitation to attend this year. It will be happening on Friday the 21st (3-8) and Saturday the 22nd (9-6) at 1370 Oxford St. West, in London, Ontario, in the Great Hall & Atrium Gallery of Matthews Hall. I will have prints, calendars, and framed work with me, including this piece beautifully custom framed in green gold:
Pirates of KincardinePirates of KincardinePlayfair & Pathfinder leave Kincardine at sunset.
   There are almost 40 vendors with various wares and treasures for you at the show. This will be my first time displaying in my former home city. Hope to see my friends, family, and fans in London that weekend! 
   I don't have much of a grace period in between, because the next big show is the weekend after that: Artful Hands Kincardine Christmas Show and Sale is at the historic beachside Kincardine Pavilion on Saturday, November 29th (10-8) and Sunday, November 30th (10-5). The show has been very enjoyable at the Pavilion, and there will be many artists and artisans on hand with unique gifts, cards, decorations, and more. I will have a variety of gorgeous prints, framed work, calendars, canvas, and posters. I'm looking forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new folks from the area. Please invite your friends to come down, enjoy a beverage, discover local talents, and visit with some cool folk. 
   There's an amazing little art supply store in downtown Kincardine called Artemis Art Supplies and Fine Art Instruction, located on quaint Harbour Street. It's a great place to find brushes, paints, papers, frames, instruction, inspiration, and so much more. The whole store just smells like creativity and masterpieces in the making, yet it's all so comfortable and welcoming. You must get in. PLUS, throughout the holiday season, Athina will be carrying a select number of my prints at 30 - 50+% off regular prices. There are quite a few of them there now, but hurry in for best selection! Why not pick up a sketchbook while you're there? Drawing, even just doodling, is very good for you. I said so.
   Of course, you can still find my work in the usual haunts (another blog on that later!), and I'm always happy to have you contact me with orders or questions. I can help you put some sparkle and amazement under the tree!
   Have I left any time for taking more photos and creating pretty pictures? You know I can't stop! Thanks for sharing my journey! I hope to see some of you this month at these great events. Support local artists! Cheers.

(- SARAH CHISHOLM - Fine Art & Photography) Kincardine London November Ontario art event holiday order ordering prints purchase sale shows http://sarahchisholmphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/11/whats-going-on-in-november Sun, 16 Nov 2014 00:49:53 GMT
An Adventure Under The Sea http://sarahchisholmphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/10/an-adventure-under-the-sea   I think underwater photography in the deep sea is really special. It allows us a glimpse into an otherwise alien world. That being said, I'm pretty sure deep sea diving is not for me. So, I will have to paint any underwater adventures myself, real or imagined.
  Though I am not fond of the eight-legged land dwellers of our planet, I absolutely adore the ocean-dwelling octopus and squid. Here in my latest digital painting, alongside my orange cephalopod, I've also included a colourful crab, a pair of seahorses, a handful of starfish, a translucent jellyfish, a grinning eel, a ship's hull, many pearls, and schools of fish flashing their flanks in the filtered underwater light. This painting is full of small detail, so I invite you in for a cool dip and a chance to explore the deep!

Under The SeaUnder The Sea

'Under The Sea' by Sarah Chisholm

  I hope you enjoy my latest creation. See more of my digital paintings by clicking this magic link. Comments are welcome, thank you for your interest! 


(- SARAH CHISHOLM - Fine Art & Photography) Under The Sea digital fine art fish limited edition ocean octopus painting sea squid underwater http://sarahchisholmphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/10/an-adventure-under-the-sea Mon, 06 Oct 2014 03:08:13 GMT
The Last Unicorn & The Red Bull http://sarahchisholmphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/9/the-last-unicorn-the-red-bull   I have finally finished my painting inspired by a book and movie I have loved since childhood - The Last Unicorn, by Peter S. Beagle. The absolutely stunningly animated film was released in the '80s, and it captured the heart of anyone who saw it, mine included. I have read the book several times, and I have watched the movie literally hundreds of times. I know it by heart, and it still moves me. So it was with trepidation, but honorable intentions, that I set out to create a painting inspired by The Last Unicorn. Now that I have finished it, I have to say, I'm very pleased with how it turned out. 
  For those who are unfamiliar with the movie, here's a brief synopsis: A unicorn finds out she is the last remaining in the world, so she sets out to find the others. Amidst adventures on the road (and accompanied by an absolutely gorgeous soundtrack), she discovers all the other unicorns have been captured by the Red Bull and driven into the sea. Skip to the end (spoiler alert!) and the last unicorn drives the Red Bull into the sea, releasing a tide of stampeding unicorns back into the world again. This is the scene I have painted, with artistic liberties of course. 
  A note about the process of this digital painting - I used Photoshop to create it; I started from scratch using digital paintbrushes and colours and then filters and other techniques to draw and paint this scene - no photography, all my own hand. And by hand, well, I actually mean my finger. I used the trackpad on my laptop to paint this entirely. No, really. That's what I always use, I don't have a tablet or anything fancy. 
So, here it is. 
The Last Unicorn and the Red BullThe Last Unicorn and the Red BullBased on the epic culmination of Peter S. Beagle's wonderful novel, "The Last Unicorn", wherein all of the unicorns in the world are rescued from the sea, and the demon 'Red Bull' that kept them there is defeated.
Now available for purchase in a limited print run of 100. Prints are on premium lustre paper, size 12"x18", signed and numbered, for $150 (plus applicable shipping). (Currently on #3 of 100.) Contact me to purchase. These make a fabulous gift for lovers of this movie and book! Thank you.

The Last Unicorn & The Red Bull, by Sarah Chisholm, 2014 

  I had the honour of meeting the author, Peter S. Beagle, in the spring of this year. He was touring Canadian theatres with a screening of the movie, and book signing and talk. He was funny, and sweet, and very down-to-earth. It was truly one of the best days of my life, getting to watch my favourite movie with my own daughter, and the author! I have a few mementos from that day, and I very much enjoyed talking to Mr. Beagle personally, but I was disappointed in myself that I did not have this painting done to show him at that time. It just wasn't ready, though it was on the go. I really hope he sees my painting one day. He is now touring the USA and select theatres, so if you have a chance, I cannot recommend strongly enough that you go! Check out The Last Unicorn Facebook Page for tour dates.
  Please, if you loved this movie too (well, you still will), share this with your friends! I hope you enjoy my creation; it's been a long time in the making. I really do like this one, though. Cheers!


(- SARAH CHISHOLM - Fine Art & Photography) Red Bull The Last Unicorn digital painting fairy tale fantasy fine art literature sea unicorn http://sarahchisholmphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/9/the-last-unicorn-the-red-bull Sat, 20 Sep 2014 04:13:52 GMT
The Battle Of The Blues http://sarahchisholmphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/8/the-battle-of-the-blues  Good day, everyone.

 Though I have had this image here on my website in the Limited Editions collection for some time now, I always meant to write an accompanying blog post to explain its significance. The trouble is, I could never find the words, or perhaps the bravery, to convey what I meant to say. After recently posting on my Facebook page that I would be taking a break to look after my mental health due to struggles with depression, I was surprised at the response and comments on my post. All of them, and there were many, were supportive and understanding, and many people came forward to say that they have been, or currently are, struggling with depression as well. I am beginning to feel more comfortable sharing that darker side of my life, especially seeing that it may help others to know that they are not alone, even if we do not literally know each other. 

  This is a fantasy painting, or maybe a self-portrait, that I created using digital tools. I started with "white canvas" with this one; no photography, just my mind. It represents how I perceive the battle with depression, and how it feels to struggle against it. To me, it's much like trying to walk under deep, dark waters, surrounded by monsters and demons both real and imagined. There is a sense of an impending, overwhelming doom looming over you, and so many tiny barbs and haunting images no matter where you turn. And so, I spent hours on this piece creating minute detail in every inch - faces, creatures, sea monsters - so I do hope you can look at it on a big screen, as there is so much hidden throughout the painting.  OvercomeOvercomeLimited Edition prints (25) now available in size 12x18", in protective backing and plastic, signed, numbered, and titled by hand. Price is $125 each and there are only 24 left available.

Overcome, a digital painting by Sarah Chisholm

 I am not posting this now with the intention of bringing sadness or sympathy. I simply wanted to share with you something more personal than I am used to sharing, because so many of you reached out to me to share your own stories and struggles and hopes and successes. I look around at many of the people I have come to know online and I see that it is a time of sadness for many folks, especially those with mental illnesses. I think the death of Robin Williams has been hard on our "community", but even before that tragedy, I sensed that there have been struggles for many for some time. One of my favourite sayings is, "This, too, shall pass". And it will. This melancholy time in our corner of the universe will pass, and we will come out the other side stronger. Grow stronger. You are not alone. You can swim this ocean, and you will overcome. 
Thank you for the love and support. It really is true - you never know when your words will make a "forever" impact. Perhaps my words or image here will help someone. It's so wonderful to make a difference to others, even when it feels you can't make a difference in your own life just now. 
Much love,

(- SARAH CHISHOLM - Fine Art & Photography) Digital Painting Limited Edition depression fine art painting http://sarahchisholmphotography.zenfolio.com/blog/2014/8/the-battle-of-the-blues Wed, 20 Aug 2014 02:21:28 GMT