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An Adventure Under The Sea

October 05, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

  I think underwater photography in the deep sea is really special. It allows us a glimpse into an otherwise alien world. That being said, I'm pretty sure deep sea diving is not for me. So, I will have to paint any underwater adventures myself, real or imagined.
  Though I am not fond of the eight-legged land dwellers of our planet, I absolutely adore the ocean-dwelling octopus and squid. Here in my latest digital painting, alongside my orange cephalopod, I've also included a colourful crab, a pair of seahorses, a handful of starfish, a translucent jellyfish, a grinning eel, a ship's hull, many pearls, and schools of fish flashing their flanks in the filtered underwater light. This painting is full of small detail, so I invite you in for a cool dip and a chance to explore the deep!

Under The SeaUnder The Sea

'Under The Sea' by Sarah Chisholm

  I hope you enjoy my latest creation. See more of my digital paintings by clicking this magic link. Comments are welcome, thank you for your interest! 



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