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This, Too, Shall Pass

March 19, 2014  •  1 Comment

  As we pass the Ides of March and move into what is supposed to be spring, we enter one of the most unattractive and disheartening periods of the year for those of us that have been - nay - still are, snowbound. Once beautiful, purifying, and bright, the snow banks covering every surface have become pitted as if afflicted, the colours are now yellow and brown, everything looking beaten and flattened and, dare I use the yucky word, moist. As the snow cover melts it brings promise of the warmer season but also it brings a pitiful mess. I look out over the lake for inspiration. It reveals slushy ice, sandy snow mounds, and farther out, a blessed sign of spring - the open water, at last! - but even it is a deathly slate grey, giving no illusions of happy times frolicking in warm sparkling waters. I can find nothing outside I want to record for posterity. Nothing my eye and imagination can make beautiful enough to share with a straight face. I give up on these few weeks. It's ugly out there and I don't wanna play.
  What do you do when you're struggling to find inspiration? How can you possibly create when everything around you seems mired in muck, whether literally or figuratively? Sometimes to get out of the muck, you have to pull out of your boots. You have to let go of your comfort zone. For me, this means finding things to photograph that I normally avoid, or just haven't thought much of as of yet. I am slowly warming to the idea of self-portraits. I think this could be a great new form of self-expression, not to mention the benefit of experimenting and learning with my equipment! I've also been trying to look at some of my household objects as potential subjects. I had hours of fun the other day using recycled 2L plastic bottles and water, getting images such as this one here, "The Elephant At The Water Hole":
The Elephant At The WaterholeThe Elephant At The Waterhole

  You don't have to wait for inspiration and creativity and life to come to you - bring it in to you. Grab some fresh flowers from your local florist to photograph or paint. Go through your clothes and accessories and plan a new you for spring. Bake cookies and decorate them with unusual designs. Rearrange a room. Crank up old records. Just... quit staring longingly out the window. A watched pot never boils. A long-awaited spring is taking its sweet-ass time. So these few ugly weeks? Find your inspiration, find your new beginning, find your spring... but look in the cupboards and vases and curio cabinets... don't look outside. Yuck. 

(Fresh spring flowers are an easy way to bring colour and inspiration into your home)



Moira Campbell(non-registered)
Or, as we call it ~ Mud Season.

Thanks for always sourcing beautiful moments, whatever the weather.
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