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Some Things Must End

May 22, 2014  •  1 Comment

  When I look back at the photographic and digital fine art images I've created over the last two years or so, I can't believe the improvements I've made upon my earlier work. Some of my older pieces I look at like an old but slightly worn friend, others, I am quietly shooing under the proverbial rug with my virtual foot. In a few hours of wild mouse-clicking abandon, I went through some thousands of images on my webpage here, and collected many older works into a gallery entitled "Out Of Print", linked here: 


  There are some beautiful images slated for "retirement" in this collection, but I feel refreshed knowing that only my very best work is represented in my public portfolio. Artists are known to be eccentric, and I found myself almost apologizing to the images as the "axe fell" - "Now, don't make me feel bad. This was a hard decision for me to make, for each and every one of you..." But of course, they will all be given one last chance to shine, perhaps forever in print form, if you are so inclined to adopt them! Perhaps this pretty lily painting? 

They Spring Anew

  For the rest of May, this collection will still be open to the public for viewing, and 8x10 prints will be available for only $10 each. I suggest ordering in multiples so shipping is worthwhile at this price... remember, you can always set some aside for gifts! Also, several small prints hung in a grouping looks fabulous on the wall. *This special price is on prints ordered from zenfolio only, no studio prints, sorry. 

  The price is more than right, and the prints are stunning. Order yours now! This is your last chance to grab any of these images because at the end of May they will be "gone forever"... to you, anyway. I'm not completely heartless! 



UPDATE, MAY 27TH: Shipping on these prints is required, even if you live in my town, as the $10 prints come from the Zenfolio lab, in the US. I do not print these sale prints myself, the special price is on web-ordered prints only.

I do print my own work, signed and matted, in two sizes, but I cannot offer the sale price on these, nor will I be printing any of the out-of-prints myself for pick-up. (Please also note, in Canada, tax will be due upon receipt, and it is FedEx that delivers to the US and Canada, as the package is fairly large and must be kept rigid to protect your product, and so can't go in a mailbox.) 
The sale prints I will no longer be carrying starting June 1st and so that is the reason for the very low price. I do suggest ordering more than one print at the $10 price point so the shipping is worthwhile. Thanks for your orders! Message me any questions. Cheers.

UPDATE, JUNE 1ST: Sale is now over, and the gallery is now closed. Thank you for your purchases and comments on these older works! 



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I like to many of your photos and could not figure out how to comment on them. Thanks for sharing your with us.
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