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The Mudmen Rock Kincardine

July 09, 2014  •  2 Comments

  Amazing 'Celtic Rock' group The Mudmen once again came to Kincardine to perform wicked sets during the Kincardine Scottish Festival & Highland Games this past weekend. These guys are always high-energy and know how to get a crowd going, and when I caught them with my family on their Sunday afternoon performance to close out the festivities, they sure had the audience dancing - especially the excited new young fans!

  Everyone can see from the way these guys smiled at the little ones, let them touch the instruments, invited them up on stage, and joined them in general silliness, that they are absolutely down-to-earth, approachable, really nice guys, who just happen to be amazingly talented icons of Canadian music! I mean, they've shaken hands with the Queen on Parliament Hill - but here they were on a Sunday afternoon, laughing about the "mosh pit" of little kids that had formed in front of the stage. Sweethearts! 

  Here's my daughter being allowed to play the lead singer's guitar during one of the songs. (Yes, they're that nice, and patient.)

  Here's my baby girl being serenaded, and I'm pretty sure becoming a fan for life, this very moment. 

  The Campbell Brothers are fantastic pipers and performers, and you cannot help but smile when they look at you. 

I am so glad I finally got to see them live, and I'll never forget the way these rock stars were with the little kids in our small town. These nice guys are obviously full of class. Here are some more photos I managed to get of the band, in between laughing, dancing, and enjoying myself, that is! 

  I hope to catch The Mudmen next year at the Scottish Festival in Kincardine! Thanks guys! Will Ye No Come Back Again? 


Janice Griffith(non-registered)
Great photos Sarah. You caught the atmosphere beautifully.
so awesome!!
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