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I stumbled across your website from a google search about the mirage effect of lights over Lake Huron.
I saw them tonight off of Goderich where I live. They were quite bright tonight May 12/13 2018.
And great work by the way.
David Williams(non-registered)
I am impressed. One is able to feel the picture, not simply see it.
Terry Saxby(non-registered)
I enjoy your work very much.Bravo...
Karin McMullen(non-registered)
I absolutely love your photography art. You turn every piece into something magical, I would love to live in them!!
Karen Luerssen
Your stone picture are so beautiful, feel like I could just reach out and touch them, pick them up. I am in awe of your talent and how you see the world. I am a fan!
Don Feely(non-registered)
Very beautiful images.
Margaret Wysman(non-registered)
I am so proud of you, Sarah! Your work is stunningly beautiful, and you definitely have a knack for capturing a magical or ethereal quality in every piece. I wish you continued success!
Cal Waddell(non-registered)
You do amazing work. I love to see your posts on Instagram. The pictures are often breathtaking and exceptionally creative. I admire your work.

from your neighbour to the south at Amberley.

Thomas Arnold(non-registered)
Wow. you have Amazing Pictures that great composition, Timing and Patience.

Great job. I'm original from the Sauble Beach area on Lake Huron, and an Outdoor Photographer.

What area of Huron do you Shoot from ?

Ned Taylor(non-registered)
Sarah you are an amazing photographer. Your awesome talent to capture the beauty we take for granted. Excellent job.
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