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A Smashing Salvation

December 31, 2014  •  1 Comment

And so we say good-bye to 2014! You know, after all is said and done, I really can't say it's been all that bad of a year. That being said... let's hope 2015 is a phenomenally better one!
  No matter what, we must strive to make the most of our situation at hand. Take, for instance, this 'small' example of how I turned the misfortune of shattering a beloved Christmas tree ornament into an opportunity for some creative macro photography. CascadeCascade

  I used some very simple props and got some stunning, colourful images, so the bauble being broken was actually lucky. Inside the ornament was a shiny mirrored glass, and I used certain sculptural fragments for an interesting backdrop to some water droplet photographs. Shattered LavenderShattered Lavender
  There was nothing very fancy involved here; I used my marble countertop, the broken glass shards, some water, a spoon to drop the water, and my macro lens with flash. I dripped water onto the colourful and reflective broken pieces and tried for some neat water splashes and droplets with my camera set right on the counter nearby. Crystal WaterwallCrystal Waterwall
  I had fun amidst the chaos! A Drip In The BoatA Drip In The Boat
  This is poetry with water and the irreparably broken. Pick up the pieces, and create your own beauty from them. 
Breaking TurquoiseBreaking Turquoise
  The year ahead will bring us the good and bad, as each year does. So make sure you make the most of the bad, along with the good. 
  I have great inspirations and dreams for 2015! I hope you continue to enjoy my work and the new directions I may venture. I appreciate every one of you that have lent me your support and encouragement in the past and going forward into the future. Cheers, and thank you! 
  Happy New Year! 



its always within our power to choose magic and beauty no matter how great the loss, isn't it? May 2015 be a year of powerful choices no matter what the mess of life might be. Happy New Year Sarah, wishing you great success and moments of breathtaking love and beauty.
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