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Softly Falling Diamonds

January 21, 2016  •  2 Comments

  With winter finally in full swing here in Southwestern Ontario, it's been snowing quite heavily in January, with a few "snow days" this year already. I've greeted the snow with excitement this year, as now I get to add to my snowflake macro photograph collection! It's not an easy task under the best of conditions, but the snow squalls we've been experiencing have brought high winds, making it impossible to catch the snowflakes holding still even for a fraction of a second. Luckily, today the snow fell straight down without blowing around, and there were some beautiful flake formations in the fluffy precipitation. Here are a few I liked best. 

  This intricate beauty is encrusted with diamond-like ice on the outer edges while perfectly smooth in the centre. What a work of art!
Snowflake FireSnowflake Fire

  I love how the dendrites of the top right snowflake resemble the fronds of a fern. 
Snowflakes In SpaceSnowflakes In Space

  There are many different ways for them to form!
Snowflakes & SparklesSnowflakes & Sparkles

  I had to zoom in very close to this one to reveal the interesting star and snowflake patterns in the tiny bokeh around it. 
Flake BokehFlake Bokeh

  The snowfall has ceased for now, but I'll be back outside the next ideal day to capture more unique ice crystals. Thanks for following!




Paulette Peirol(non-registered)
Just amazing that you can capture this! So beautiful. May we share on the Owen Sound Tourism pages?
Lorna Barrett(non-registered)
Beautiful Sarah!
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